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2020 Conference Program

Producing the Middle East: New Directions in Regional Media and Politics


Friday, April 17, 2019
Elliott School of International Affairs
1957 E Street NW
Lindner Family Commons Room 602
Washington, DC 20052

The media landscape of the Middle East is changing rapidly. There are strong trends toward the localization of media production, with Turkish entertainment series globalizing visions of the region and Netflix commissioning original content in Arabic. Alongside localization are displaced populations from wars in Iraq, Yemen and Syria creating new digital diasporas, where fractured expressions of nostalgia and witnessing to extreme violence circulate through multiple mediums. While the genealogy of the idea of the ‘Middle East’ is rightly criticized as an external imposition that geographically centers the West, there is a viable contemporary current of belonging that makes the Middle East a lived region of shared and contested meaning. The role of media production, along with an array of actually existing policies, institutions and other infrastructures of regionality, in making the Middle East meaningful as an analytical framework will be the central animating issue of this year's annual conference. This interdisciplinary event will feature cutting-edge research by media scholars who represent a breadth of theoretical interests and methodological approaches.

A detailed program is coming soon

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