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IMES Interdisciplinary Workshop Series

The Institute for Middle East Studies hosts a monthly Interdisciplinary workshop series for faculty and PhD students to get feedback on their work-in-progress. If you are a GW faculty member or PhD student and would like to present your work as part of this series please email

The workshop series are an opportunity for faculty and students to engage critically with one another's research projects and build our intellectual community. Submissions can be in various stages of completion (i.e. working papers, R&R’s, grant proposals, a draft article, a conference paper, a detailed research design, a ‘think-piece,’ blog entry, etc). All attendees are asked to review the work before the event and a specific discussant is designated in advance to provide structured remarks on the paper.

If you have any questions about the series please contact us at the email above.

Faculty and students can access workshop papers here.

Litigating the Authoritarian State in the Arab World with Steven Schaaf

October 9th

Education Development in Palestine with Alyssa Bivins

November 20th

This workshop has been rescheduled for 2:30pm on November 20th

Gendering the Green Economy in King Mohammad VI's Morocco with Kelly Pemberton

December 4th

Tea, Sugar, and the Great War in Colonial Morocco with Graham Cornwell

January 29th

Agricultural Apartheid: Water and Land Rights in Palestine, South Africa, and Namibia with Imani Cheers

February 12th

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