Faculty in the News

This page is dedicated to keeping track of our faculty in their work around Washington and around the world.

Marc Lynch contributes to a New York Times article on the Iranian-Saudi rivalry

POMEPS Director and Professor Marc Lynch was cited in a New York Times article, "How the Iranian-Saudi Proxy Struggle Tore Apart the Middle East." Dr. Lynch contributed his analysis of the ability of the US to cool the conflict between the two powers, the historical roots of Iran's feeling of insecurity in the region, and the next administration's likely approach to the region.

Nathan Brown Quoted on the Overturning of Morsi's Sentence

The Christian Science Monitor recently interviewed IMES Director Nathan Brown on the decision by an Egyptian court to overturn former president Muhammad Morsi's death sentence. Dr. Brown provided his observations on the process by which judges are selected to rule on cases associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, a process which some have said contributes to the high number of death sentences for figures in the political opposition.

Nathan Brown (co-author): Arguing about Family Law in Jordan, Disconnected Spheres?

IMES Director Nathan Brown co-authored a paper for the International Journal of Middle East Studies with Lamis El Muhtaseb and Abdul-Wahab Kayyali titled "Arguing about Family Law in Jordan: Disconnected Spheres?" The essay examines whether activist groups with differing ideologies are brought together or cleaved apart by public policy debates, using three contentious family law issues in Jordan as case studies.

Ambassador Gnehm on future of US policy in Middle East following elections

Al-Hurra TV asked Kuwait Professor of Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Affairs Amb. Edward "Skip" Gnehm to provide his thoughts on the ramifications of the 2016 US presidential election on foreign policy in the Middle East. Through a translator, Amb. Gnehm discussed a wide range of issues, including the Egypt-US military aid and alliance, President-elect Donald Trump's ability to enact significant changes to US foreign policy immediately, Turkey, and the ability of a Trump administration to revoke the Iran deal unilaterally.

Nathan Brown (co-author): A Palestinian Succession Story

Professor Nathan Brown and Carnegie Junior Fellow Caroline Zullo co-wrote an article for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's Diwan blog. The article outlines the repeated delays of the Palestinian municipal elections and argues that successful elections will depend in part on a series of political compromises that are highly unlikely given the parties currently involved.

Firas Maksad: Lebanon's New Hezbollah-Led Political Order

IMES adjunct professor Firas Maksad wrote a commentary for the National Interest last week on Lebanon's new president, Michel Aoun. The feature provides the parliamentary context in which Aoun was selected and discusses the political ramifications of Aoun's presidency, which Dr. Maksad argues could further the interests of Iran and Hezbollah in the region.