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This page is dedicated to keeping track of our faculty in their work around Washington and around the world.

Ambassador Gnehm Reflects on his Career and Being a Student at GW

In the lead-up to the class of 1966's 50-year reunion, the Elliott School interviewed Ambassador Edward "Skip" Gnehm on his time at as a student at GW and subsequent career in the foreign service. Amb. Gnehm spoke about his early desire to join the foreign service, his time on the yell-squad for the short-lived GW football team, and experiences that helped him in his career as an ambassador. He will be reconnecting with classmates during GW's alumni weekend.

Marc Lynch: Tunisia may be Lost in Transition

Marc Lynch published a critical view of Tunisia's Economic Reconciliation Law, and discusses the ways in which the law conflicts with core political grievances that fuelled that country's revolution. In the piece, he explains the development of Tunisia's groundbreaking transitional justice efforts, Ennahda members' personal and political stake in the process, and the prospects for prosecution of those guilty of abuse under the former regime.

Nathan Brown: Moving on from the French Peace Initiative

IMES Director Nathan Brown co-authored an article in Al-Jazeera criticizing French efforts this summer to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Although the new initiative corrects some flaws made apparent during the Oslo process, it does not fundamentally alter the bilateral nature of earlier negotiations which has provided Israel with a strong negotiating position.

Harris Mylonas: Ballad of Reading Gaol

IMES professor Harris Mylonas wrote a brief article for the series "Greece is Burning" inĀ Cultural Anthropology. The article describes the ways in which Greece's current austerity program and economic situation is reflected in the theatrical concept album "Ballad of Reading Gaol" performed by the rock band KollektivA.

Michael Barnett: What really unites and divides American and Israeli Jews

Professor of International Affairs Michael Barnett wrote an article discussing the recently released Pew survey of Israeli Jews and the limitations of using surveys to gauge public attitudes. While surveys have shown a deep connection between these two Jewish communities, there is also a strong indication of ambivalence toward Israel in the American Jewish community. Dr. Barnett considers whether this ambivalence may be a longer-held attitude that has previously been masked by the questions asked by the interviews themselves.

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