Faculty in the News

Faculty in the News

Firas Maksad: In Syria, President Trump must strike and stay

Firas Maksad recently authored an article for The Hill examining possible actions Trump could take in Syria.

Nathan Brown: Hamas: Constrained or Nimble?

Professor Nathan Brown recently co-authored an article for the Carnegie Endowment looking at Hamas's internal dynamics and how the organization is preparing for an uncertain future.

Marc Lynch quoted in New York Times article on Syria

Professor Marc Lynch was quoted in a New York Times article "America's Three Bad Options in Syria," commenting on the President's actions in Syria.

Said the Prophet of God: Hadith Commentary across a Millennium

Although scholars have long studied how Musli

Nathan Brown: What Egypt’s Election Reveals About its Regime

Nathan Brown recently published an article for the Center for Global Policy on the implications of Egypt's 2018 presidential election.

Marc Lynch: What kind of deal is Trump making with Saudi Arabia?

Last week Professor Marc Lynch authored an article on President Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, analyzing the ramifications of the deal he made with the Saudis and the shifting focus of U.S. policy in the region.