Faculty & Staff

IMES Staff

Nathan Brown, Institute Director

Mona Atia, Program Director

Shana Marshall, Associate Director and Research Instructor (smarshall@gwu.edu)

Salimah Shabazz, Institute Operations Manager (imes@gwu.edu)

Stephen Bennett, Education & Outreach Coordinator (imesnrc@gwu.edu)

Mitchell Ford, Sr. Academic Advisor - Arabic (mfordy89@gwu.edu)

Starling Carter, Events Assistant (imesevnt@gwu.edu)

Tyler Overfelt, Program Assistant (mesp@gwu.edu)

IMES Faculty

Political Science

Michael N. Barnett, University Professor of International Affairs and Political Science

Nathan Brown, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

Marc Lynch, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

Evgeny Finkel, Assistant Professor of Political Science


Ilana Feldman, Professor of Anthropology, History, and International Relations

Attiya Ahmad, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

International Affairs

Edward W. Gnehm, Jr., Kuwait Professor of Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Affairs

Walter Reich, Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Professor of International Affairs, Ethics and Human Behavior


Dina Khoury, Professor of History and International Affairs

Shira Robinson, Associate Professor of History and International Affairs

Muriel A. Atkin, Professor of History

Joel Blecher, Associate Professor of History

Classics and Semitic Languages

Mohssen Esseesy, Associate Professor of Arabic and International Affairs; Coordinator, Arabic Program

Pardis Minuchehr, Assistant Professor of Persian; Coordinator, Persian Program

Muhammad Kassab, Arabic Language Specialist

Ebtisam Oraby, Arabic Language Specialist

Richard Alan Popp, Arabic Language Specialist

Nashwa Taher, Arabic Language Specialist

Amin Bonnah, Associate Professor, Arabic

Corey Jorgensen, Associate Professor, Arabic

*In addition to these full-time faculty members, there are a number of part-time Arabic instructors. An updated list of these instructors is available through the Columbian College's Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations faculty list.

International Business

Hossein Askari, Iran Professor of International Business and International Affairs

Scheherazade S. Rehman, Professor of International Business/Finance and International Affairs

Liesl Riddle, Associate Professor of International Business and International Affairs

Robert Weiner, Professor of International Business and International Affairs

Public Administration

Jennifer Brinkerhoff, Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs


Mona Atia, Assistant Professor of Geography and International Affairs

Media and Public Affairs

Sean Aday, Associate Professor of Media and Public Affairs, and International Affairs

Steven Livingston, Professor of Media and Public Affairs, and International Relations

American Studies

Melani McAlister, Associate Professor of American Studies and International Affairs

Religion and Women's Studies

Seyyed Hossein Nasr, University Professor of Religion

Kelly Pemberton, Assistant Professor of Religion and Women's Studies

Robert Eisen, Professor of Religion and Judaic Studies; Chair of the Department of Religion

Professorial Lecturers

Judith Yaphe, Adjunct Professor of Practice of International Affairs

James Jeffrey, Philip Solondz Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Geneive Abdo, Non-resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council

Nazih Daher, Professorial Lecturer Arabic
E-mail: nydaher@gmail.com

Amr Hamzawy, Senior Associate Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
E-mail: ahamzawy@ceip.org

Charles Kiamie III, Middle East Regional Program Coordinator, U.S. Agency for International Development
E-mail: ckiamie@gwu.edu

William Lawrence, Professorial Lecturer
E-mail: lawrencewa@gwu.edu

Donald Losman, Professor of Economics and Middle East Studies, National Defense University
E-mail: Losmand@gmail.com

Firas Maksad, Director, Global Policy Associates
E-mail: firasmaksad@gmail.com

Kevin Martin, Senior Fellow, Indiana University Bloomington Center for the Study of the Middle East
E-mail: kwmartin@gwu.edu

Jacob Olidort, Research Fellow, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
E-mail: olidortja@gmail.com

Omer Taspinar, Non-resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Gonul Tol, Founding Director Middle East Institute Turkish Center