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This Middle East Studies major builds upon the same multi-disciplinary core found in the International Affairs degree and moves quickly to focus on unique topics central to the Middle East. After four years of study, successful students will have knowledge of a modern regional language (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish are offered at GW) and the basic intellectual tools they need to understand the region's history and contemporary dynamics. Students are encouraged to study in the Middle East through one of GW's formal partnerships with a regional university or their own self-designed study abroad program.

Contact Info

Middle East Studies Undergraduate Program:

Christian Clinton, Middle East Studies Program Assistant
1957 E Street NW, Suite 512
Tel: (202) 994-9249

Undergraduate Admissions:

2121 I Street NW, Suite 201
Tel: (202) 994-6040




As a young professional working at a Middle East think tank, I use the skills and knowledge gained from my coursework and experiences in the Middle East Studies Program on a daily basis.  The faculty not only provide ​academic support, but they have helped me grow as a young professional and person. The opportunities I've gained through this program cannot be understated.


Middle East Studies, Class of 2018

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