Middle East Studies Graduate Capstone Project Cited by The Economist

July 25, 2017

The July 22, 2017 edition of The Economist featured an article on the growth of Captagon sales in the Gulf states, and featured capstone research by Middle East Studies students Max Kravitz and Will Nichols. The students' capstone project, "Soldiers of Abu Hilalain: An Investigation into Captagon Trafficking by Syrian War Militias and What it Means for US Foreign Policy," examined drug seizure data and conducted interviews with drug enforcement officials in the region to measure militias relative levels of involvement in the Captagon trade. Their research has subsequently been cited numerous times, including in a 2016 article in the French edition of Vanity Fair. This is just one example of how IMES is able to enable students to carry out timely and innovative research projects in the region.

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