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Arabia Incognita


Institute For Middle East Studies

With a bloody, US-backed Saudi military intervention in Yemen rarely making headlines, observers may well find the intersectional politics of the Arabian Peninsula difficult to follow. Join Dr. Sheila Carapico, editor of the new volume Arabia Incognita: Dispatches from Yemen and the Gulf, for an inside look at the historical context of Saudi interference in Yemen’s internal political struggles based on decades of on-the-ground reporting from a ‘hidden’ sub-continent where few Western news outlets dare to tread. Those whose familiarity with Yemen ends with the mention of groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS will be surprised to learn about the activists, artists, women, youth, and socialists working tirelessly in pursuit of a prosperous, independent future for their people in the midst of political and social instability.


  • Dr. Sheila Carapico is the editor of the new volume Arabia Incognita