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IMES Visiting Scholar Program

Every year, IMES invites scholars engaged in research on the Middle East & North Africa to conduct their study within our rich intellectual community. We offer both resident and non-resident opportunities to early-career postdocs, senior scholars, and professional writers and researchers.

How to Apply

Please read the following information carefully before beginning your application.


We invite senior scholars, post-doctoral scholars, and advanced graduate students working on their dissertations in any major discipline are eligible to apply.

Designing Your Proposal

Scholars may affiliate with IMES for a period from three months to one year. Visiting scholars at IMES may be given office space, computer access, and library privileges. They are expected to participate actively in the intellectual life of our institute, which includes talks, conferences, informal discussions, and other activities. Historically, scholars have given a presentation on their research while at IMES. We encourage applicants to consider both the resources from which they will most benefit while at IMES, as well as the ways they can contribute to our intellectual community. IMES is not able to fund visiting scholars at this time. We expect that scholars will have funding from institutions other than IMES, such as a fellowship or a university sabbatical.

Application Timeline

You should plan to apply 4-5 months in advance of when you intend to start your affiliation at IMES. This will give us time to prepare for your arrival and process your visa, if necessary. Expect to hear a decision within 2-4 weeks of submitting your application, and to receive your official invitation letter (which you may present to funders) within a month of your acceptance.

Application Requirements

Please prepare the following materials:

  • Research Proposal – a detailed description of your proposed research project (1-2 pages), which must be on a topic relating to the Middle East & North Africa.
  • A detailed resume or CV
  • 2 references – you will be asked to provide their names and emails/contact information
  • Cover letter – this will 1) describe how you will be an active contributor to the intellectual and/or outreach programming at IMES (examples may include but are not limited to: research presentations and/or reports you intend to give; public events or workshops you plan to host/attend; digital or audio-visual content you might produce; and scholarly work you intend to publish in our journals) and 2) describe what resources you intend to use- especially those offered specifically at IMES and GWU that cannot be easily accessed elsewhere. In particular, applicants will name an IMES faculty member or members that they intend to work with during their stay  (a list of IMES faculty and their areas of interest can be found here). You should connect with these faculty and secure their interest in your research before applying.

When you have prepared all necessary materials and are ready to apply, please fill out and submit the form linked below:

Apply Now