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Black Intifada: The Roots of Black and Palestinian Solidarity Movement

Black Intifada

This talk will create a nuanced interdisciplinary context for the history of Black and Palestinian solidarity from the 1960s until the present day. It will examine some of the most powerful political, historical and cultural forces that propelled the genesis of the movement during the decade such as nationalism, Third World Marxism, Black Arts Movement and Palestinian Poetry and Culture of Resistance. The talk will demonstrate how and why Palestine became a Black feminist issue in the 1980s through the work and activism of Angela Davis and June Jordan, sustaining and nurturing Black and Palestinian Solidarity Movement. Finally, the talk will highlight the contemporary manifestations of the movement, posing urgent questions about the joined Black and Palestinian struggle for justice and dignity.


  • Dr. Nadia Alahmed is a professor of Africana Studies at Dickinson University. Her research interests include Black radical thought and politics, Black internationalism, Black Islam, critical Hip Hop studies and historical, political and cultural connections between Black America and the Middle East. She is currently working on her first book exploring parallels and interactions between Black and Palestinian social justice and liberation movements, from the Black Power Movement until the present day.