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Film Screening: “Aisha” and Q&A with Filmmaker Asma Bseiso


Institute For Middle East Studies

Her film “I am Gaza” which was shot during the 2008 war was the Opening Film at Amal Film Festival (Spain) and the Arab Film Festival (Algiers) in 2010. This film received 4 production awards.


  • Asma Bseiso is an award winning film and documentary director who's been in the field since 2007. In 2008 she was enrolled in the documentary fellowship program at George Washington University. She also received a training from the USC (University of Southern California). In 2012 Asma received her Masters Degree from El Instituto de Cine de Madrid in Directing for Cinema and TV. Asma has worked for TV broadcasters like ARTE, France 24, MBC Group, Al Jazeera, Arabi TV. She also worked with NGOs like: The United Nations, MercyCorps, CARE International. Her feature documentary "Aisha" which was released in 2016 received The Best Film Award at Malmo Film Festival in Sweden, amongst 5 production awards.