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How to Read the Room: A Storyteller’s Approach to Connecting with Students

How to Read the Room: A Storyteller's Approach to Connecting with Students


Storytelling is the most effective teaching tool there is, and the most important storytelling skill is paying attention. This is how a teacher knows what to say and how to say it. If the teacher can read the room and quickly assess its state and the student’s needs, then they can adapt their lesson plan to better meet the students where they are. This not only makes the teaching experience more powerful, but more fun!


Restorative Storytelling #1 – Presence

Restorative Storytelling #6 – Container

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  • David Sewell McCann has been immersed in storytelling for over fifty years. In Kindergarten, David told stories to get out of going to school. And when teaching first grade, David told stories to help his students better understand the lessons. He has landed over 1,400 original stories for Sparkle Stories and has trained parents and teachers around the world.