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IMES Annual Conference

The IMES Annual Conference, held in the spring of each academic year, brings over a hundred attendees to a series of panels on groundbreaking research featuring experts from around the world. Our 2019 conference, Infrastructure, New Materialism & the Agency of Objects, will be held April 12, 2019.  Past conferences include:

2018: Nakba, Past and Present
2017: Restless Matters: The Socio-Political Lives of Historical Sites and Objects in the Middle East
2016: Re-Engaging Gaza
2015: Art in a Time of Violence: Cultural Production in the Contemporary Middle East
2014: Reacting to Refugee Crises in the Middle East
2013: Political Economy and the Foundations of Regional Change
2012: The Legal Dimensions of the Arab Spring
2011: Iran in Transition
2010: The Urban Imaginary: Cities in the Modern Middle East

Attendees at the 2018 IMES Annual Conference

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