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IMES Annual Conference

Our 2020 Conference has been canceled. We currently identifying dates in the fall to reschedule. 


The IMES Annual Conference, held in the spring of each academic year, brings over a hundred attendees to a series of panels on groundbreaking research featuring experts from around the world. Our 2020 conference, Producing the Middle East: New Directions in Middle East Media and Politics, will be held on April 17th, 2020.  Past conferences include:

2020: Producing the Middle East: New Directions in Middle East Media and Politics
2019: Infrastructure, New Materialism & the Agency of objects
2018: Nakba, Past and Present
2017: Restless Matters: The Socio-Political Lives of Historical Sites and Objects in the Middle East
2016: Re-Engaging Gaza
2015: Art in a Time of Violence: Cultural Production in the Contemporary Middle East
2014: Reacting to Refugee Crises in the Middle East
2013: Political Economy and the Foundations of Regional Change
2012: The Legal Dimensions of the Arab Spring
2011: Iran in Transition
2010: The Urban Imaginary: Cities in the Modern Middle East

Attendees at the 2018 IMES Annual Conference

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