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Piety and Pleasure: Youth Negotiations of Moral Authority in South Beirut


Institute For Middle East Studies

In this lecture, Dr. Deeb will discuss the ways in which young Shi’i Muslims who take their faith seriously negotiate ideas and practices related to leisure in South Beirut — specifically activities related to cafe-going and to dating. These negotiations take place in a context where there are multiple moral authorities and where particular forms of piety have come to be taken for granted.


  • Lara Deeb is Associate Professor and Chair of Anthropology at Scripps College. She is the author of An Enchanted Modern: Gender and Public Piety in Shi'i Lebanon (2006) and co-author with Mona Harb of Leisure Islam: Negotiating Geography and Morality in Shi'i South Beirut (forthcoming 2013), as well as articles on Muslim women's participation in the public sphere, morality and leisure, transnational feminism, and Hizbullah in Lebanon.