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Public Opinion in the Arab World


Institute For Middle East Studies

The Arab uprisings were a vivid demonstration of the importance of public opinion in the Middle East. Frustrated by poor governance and the lack of economic opportunity, citizens demonstrated in mass protests on the streets, and online, throughout the region. As autocrats fell, instability and extremism rose. Although democracy appears to be succeeding in Tunisia, in most of the Arab Spring countries the future is far from secure. The event will highlight new findings from the third wave of surveys (late 2012-2014) of the Arab Barometer across 12 Arab countries including Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, and more.


  • Amaney Jamal is a Edward S. Sanford Professor of Politics, Princeton University and Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Project on Middle East Democracy.

  • Michael Robbins is the Project Director at Arab Barometer.

  • Khalil Shikaki is the Director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research.

  • Mark Tessler is a Samuel J. Eldersveld Professor of Political Science at the University of Michigan.

  • Steven Riskin is a Senior Program Officer for Grants at the U.S. Institute of Peace.