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Repression of Palestine Activism Amid the War on Gaza

A demonstration in Washington DC against the war on Gaza


Longstanding trends of repressing Palestine speech and activism have increased by orders of magnitude as Israel’s war on Gaza continues. From student groups getting shut down to employees being fired to physical attacks on Palestine sympathizers, the last two months have featured a torrent of repressive activity in the United States and Europe.

Arab Center Washington DC and the Institute for Middle East Studies at The George Washington University are convening a panel of experts to discuss the most recent trends in repressing Palestine activism, strategies for defending the rights of dissenters, and expected future measures to silence Palestine sympathizers.


  • Abed Ayoub, National Legal & Policy Director, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC).

  • Asli Bali, Professor at Yale Law School and President of the Middle East Studies Association.

  • Layla Kattermann, Project Manager of Monitor at the European Legal Support Center (ELSC).

  • Diala Shamas, Senior Staff Attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights.

  • Yousef Munayyer Head of Palestine/Israel Program and Senior Fellow, Arab Center Washington DC.