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The Encounter: Americans, Iraqis, and a Decade of War


Institute For Middle East Studies

American discussions of the Iraq war often focus on questions of military strategy and regional foreign policy. But what about the war itself? How did Iraqis and American soldiers experience a decade of war? How did they view each other? What lessons have they learned? This unique full-day conference brings together Iraqi students and American veterans of the war, along with academics and former policymakers, to discuss the human side of America’s war in Iraq.

Panelists will offer their unique experiences of major moments of the war, including the immediate aftermath of the invasion and ensuing occupation; the U.S. military ‘surge’ and its impact on local communities; population dislocation and humanitarian crisis; the legacy of the war for young U.S. service members; and prospects for future U.S.-Iraqi relations. By bringing together the voices and experiences of these diverse populations, this conference aims to facilitate critical reflections on the legacy of the U.S. war in Iraq.