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The Kidron Valley/Wadi Nar Master Plan: Seeking Environmental Dignity through Collective Action


Institute For Middle East Studies

The Kidron Valley, which stretches from East Jerusalem through the Judean Desert to the Dead Sea, has been ravaged by years of unchecked development and neglect, creating an environmental disaster affecting residents on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian divide with major environmental, health and economic consequences.

Avner Goren (The Abraham Path Initiative, Engineers without Borders) and Rana Khalaf (Afaq School for Special Education) will discuss their efforts to address this challenge through the Kidron Valley Master Plan and the subsequent Implementation Plan, which works with stakeholders to find solutions that transcend boundaries and political differences. The panelists will focus on their collaborative efforts to preserve and improve cultural landmarks, provide environmental education to local populations, and transform the Kidron Valley through improved planning, land usage, and infrastructure.