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U.S. Strategy for the War against the Islamic State


Institute For Middle East Studies

For over a year now, the United States has been waging a military campaign to combat the IS and other militants there; some see this campaign as too little, others see it as too much, but few are satisfied with its conduct. How should the U.S. respond to this problem? What is the logic of the current campaign, is this logic sound, can it succeed, and what if anything needs to change? Stephen Biddle served on General David Petraeus’ Joint Strategic Assessment Team in Iraq in 2007; he was also a senior advisor to General Petraeus’ Central Command Assessment Team in Washington in 2008-9, and has provided analysis and advice on these issues to the U.S. Congress, the administration, and military leaders. He will address these questions in a Lindner Commons Security Policy Forum on December 7 at noon; we hope you can join us for the conversation


  • Stephen Biddle

    Stephen Biddle , Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, will lead an in-depth discussion of U.S. policy and strategy for addressing the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.