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The IMES-MERIP Public Outreach Partnership (IMPOP)

Multimedia Reader

The IMES-MERIP Public Outreach Partnership (IMPOP) is a project to develop multimedia education materials designed to engage and inform the broader public about the contemporary Middle East. Drawing on the scholarship produced by the Middle East Research & Information Project (MERIP), the resulting multimedia materials include: video interviews with scholars and activists; infographics that highlight key facts and figures; political cartoons by regional artists; image slideshows; and layered maps. The pieces analyze current issues in political economy, activism, and society and culture across the Arab world. For scholars, educators, activists, and students the materials present examples of historic and current issues in the MENA region such as solar energy mega-projects in Morocco, anti-fracking protests in Algeria, activism by marginalized communities in Tunisia, and the role of bread subsidies in Egypt. Click on the blue pins below to access each page.