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Environmental Activism in North Africa

A MERIP Multimedia Reader

Research suggests that significant parts of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are warming at twice the global average, with some areas forecast to be 4ºC hotter by 2050. Today’s droughts are also lengthier and more severe: a 2016 NASA study that analyzed tree ring records in the MENA region concluded that a recent 14-year drought was around 50 percent more severe than droughts of the past 500 years. The repercussions of climate change in MENA are disastrous, and include deadly heat waves, water and food scarcity, loss of arable land, extreme weather events, and increased population displacement. Middle East Report has for decades produced critical and timely articles on climate change and the environment in the MENA.

This multimedia reader highlights some of the publication’s most relevant and salient work on environmental activism in North Africa, accompanied by new content, including interviews with scholars and activists, maps, infographics that highlight key facts and figures, political cartoons by regional artists, and photo slideshows. The pieces analyze the relationship between political economy, activism, and the environment in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Scholars, educators, activists, and students will find the materials essential to understanding the dynamics of environmental degradation in the MENA and strategies to confront it.

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