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“Zoom in on the Middle East” Virtual Speakers Bureau

Often portrayed as a monolith, the Middle East is in fact defined by a rich history of incredible cultural, linguistic, political, historical, and religious diversity. Exposure to this rich history and vibrant present can dispel misconceptions about the region and its inhabitants, introduce students to new cultures and ideas, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the region’s complexity.

The Institute for Middle East Studies at George Washington University offers a “Zoom in on the Middle East” virtual speakers bureau, a completely free resource that brings Middle East faculty into K-14 classrooms to speak with students and educators. The virtual speakers bureau offers faculty experts from George Washington University and beyond who can speak to K-14 audiences on a range of topics including religion, environmental justice and ecology, food and agriculture, human geography, US foreign policy, gender dynamics, and many others. Educators are encouraged to select and request faculty speakers to meet with their students via zoom for 30-45 minute lectures or group discussions to share their expert insights on this diverse region.

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