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Beyond the Boxes: Increasing Student Engagement in Remote Learning with Rebecca Blouwolff

Remote Learning Workshop

Language educators are teaching our hearts out during the pandemic, but what exactly are students learning? This workshop will explore a variety of strategies in each communicative mode that allow students to engage deeply during remote learning. Come learn how to make student learning visible with numerous middle school French classroom examples that can be applied to Arabic and your unique teaching context.

Watch recording here. 

Access event presentation here Presentation Slides_BeyondBoxes:


  • Rebecca Blouwolff

    Rebecca Blouwolff Rebecca Blouwolff is a National Board Certified Teacher and French instructor at Wellesley Middle School in Wellesley Massachusetts. In 2019, she was selected as Teacher of the Year by the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association and Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. And in 2020, she was named National Language Teacher of the Year for 2020 by the ACTFL.